SELLING Your Home or Condo? You have come to the right place!


Our unique, but comprehensive approach to marketing properties ensures that your home or condo will get the MAXIMUM EXPOSURE to potential buyers!


On average, our sellers tend to get a higher sales price because of the additional exposure. When you list your home with US, more buyers will see YOUR home, and your chances are much better to get a higher price due to the additional demand. If you would like to get an idea of what your home is worth in this market, please call me at 760-553-6115. 

Beware of “discount” agents who ask for fees up front! Remember, you get what you pay for! Your home is most likely your largest asset. Why trust this most important transaction to anyone but the best in the business? One “discount” agent even told me that she doesn’t care if her listings ever close, because she has already been paid her fee up front. We only get paid when your home SELLS at a price that is acceptable to you.


We do MUCH MORE than just entering your home in the MLS and sticking a sign in the yard. Here are just a few KEY marketing services we provide, in addition to the basic services you may get with other agents.


  • Price Your Home Properly (Many agents will list at any price just to get their sign in your yard)
  • Use my Home Value Link to find out what you house is worth!
  • Ensure Your Home is Ready to Show (Many agents don’t know what will get you the best return)
  • Enter Home in MLS, MLS Lockbox, Sign (This is basic, but many agents’ photos and descriptions
    in the MLS are not professional. Unfortunately, our site has to display this info from their listings.)
  • Large Professional Solar-Lighted Yard Sign on a Custom White Post (We take pride in our signs!)
  • Personalized Glossy Color Home Brochure (Not just the cheap MLS printout)
  • Custom Domain Name & Web Page for Mobile or Desktop! (Cutting-edge stuff!)
  • Online 360° Virtual Tour of All Rooms (You’d be lucky to get just 4 rooms with other agents)
  • Instant Email Sent to Potential Buyers (We have Over 5,000 Buyers on our email list!)
  • Neighborhood Postcard Mail-Out (where appropriate and effective)
  • Featured on Our Website Agio Real Estate that stays at the TOP of the Search Engines
    (We spend THOUSANDS of dollars each month to make this happen!)
  • Online Showing Feedback System (You’ll get the feedback on showings by email as soon as we do!)
  • ONE NUMBER Phone System (Potential buyers of your home won’t have to dial multiple numbers)
  • TOP 1% in Sales Volume (Why hire an agent in the lower 99%, when you get get the BEST?)


Thank you for considering hiring us for this very important transaction! Please Contact Us with any questions.


We look forward to helping you SELL your home!

Desiree Burgnon


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